DELL is Committed to The Future of IoT In A Big Way

Posted by Jack Zhang on

If you’re plugged into the world of IoT and LED smart lighting, little more than a day goes by without some exciting news. It’s true, the world of IoT is changing rapidly. What’s more, it’s growing by leaps and bounds with new products and bold initiatives that promise to fundamentally change the way we live, work, and more.

Often, IoT news can be dominated by young, hungry startups with big ideas and big funding. In fact, there are over 3,000 IoT businesses currently operating in the United States. Startups get a lot of the love when it comes to IoT, though it isn’t as if major players in tech aren’t getting involved. Far from it.

Recently, Dell technologies unveiled a bold and progressive new strategy outlining their approach to IoT and the steps the plan on taking over the next several years.


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A New IoT Division

Dell will be creating a new division within the company specifically to address IoT products and services. The primary goal of the division will be to orchestrate the development of these products and services both internally and through partnerships within the existing Dell network.


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Distributed Computing

Dell is developing a new model for computing that aims to combine the powers of IoT, automation, and AI together. This new distributed computing model is being touted as a way of creating a new interdependent ecosystem “from the edge to the core of the cloud” as CEO Michael Dell put it.


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New Partner Program

Over the next three years, Dell will invest $1 billion in new products, services, and initiatives; much of it through a partnership program. Dell has already partnered with Microsoft to create a new IoT offering that seeks to consolidate and integrate both company’s existing and future IoT developments.

First up? The new platform will seek to bring together Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge with Dell edge gateways and VMWare’s Pulse IoT Center. VMWare’s current CTO, Ray O’Farrell will be leading the new Dell IoT division which is likely to play a large role in this venture.


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New Investments

Dell Technologies Capital is the venture arm of Dell. Founded in 2012, Dell Technologies Capital is committed to investing heavily in IoT solutions by providing startup funding, market guidance, and more. A few projects in development include advanced IoT security solutions, AI technology, and more.


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What’s Next?

Dell is not the only large player getting involved in the IoT game. Microsoft is about as large a partner as Dell could hope for. IBM, Google, Amazon, and other large companies are also investing heavily in exploring and innovating the world of IoT.

As time goes on, consumers can expect more progress in the IoT sphere with products and services aimed at integrating technologies more seamlessly, developing new solutions, and innovating existing processes.

Where does that leave the consumer? Hopefully with a bevy of exciting new IoT products to choose from soon. IoT is here to stay and bold new products are on the way. With a large commitment and renewed focus from several major tech companies, it may be here sooner than we think.