Why The ELA Hub Provides More To Consumers

Posted by Jack Zhang on

The ELA Hub is more than just a smart lighting solution for your home. It’s a gateway to smart home technology and a path to a smarter, more efficient, and ultimately entertaining lighting lifestyle. When it comes to smart tech, you have a lot of options to choose from. Here are a few reasons why the ELA Hub is more than meets the eye.


What Sets ELA Apart

More than a smart light, the ELA hub is the center of your smart lighting experience. The Smart Hub is the first smart light of its kind to feature a built-in wi-fi booster and range extender for your home network.

In addition, you can connect up to 80 ELA smart lights for extra versatility as well as convenience. Color brightness, temperature, and colour are all customizable as well and the colour pallet features a full range of colours to suit any need.


Wi-Fi Extender

We all have experienced the hardship of shoddy wi-fi. With the ELA Smart Hub, you can extend the range of your home wi-fi network while strengthening the signal. Not only does this help improve connectivity between the Hub and your connected devices; all devices on your network benefit from the extra juice.



From the ELA app, you can control the colour and intensity of your connected devices. Bulbs with colour capabilities can be set according to the desired colour and brightness. Help set the mood for a romantic evening, game night, and more.

A full range of colours is available. You also have the ability to customize colours based on your preferences. Create and save your settings so you can set the mood whenever the situation calls for it.


Home Assistant Integration

It’s a smart tech world and we’re all just living in it. With the ELA Smart Hub, you can easily integrate and control your devices from Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Using IFTTT applets you can perform a variety of tasks such as initiating light settings for specific events or times or making sure your lights turn off when you leave the house. 


What The People Are Saying

It’s easy enough for us to tell you how the ELA Smart Hub is a game changer in the realm of smart lighting technology but let’s be honest: you’d expect us to say all of this. Let’s look instead to what real customers are saying across the world.

This is one of the best smart bulbs I have found, suits the needs of quite a few of my clients, and works well with Alexa,” – Newegg.com review

When compared to other color-changing bulbs, the value per dollar here is miles ahead “– Newegg.com review

When compared to other color-changing bulbs, the value per dollar here is miles ahead!” – Newegg.com review

“Easy to use! Easy to install!” – Newegg.com review

Bright enough to use as primary lighting; good quality color; app is easy to use”


Your First Choice in Smart Light Innovation

With numerous features for your home or office, the ELA Smart Hub is the next step in your smart home journey and the first choice in smart light innovation. Numerous advances are being made every day and more IFTTT applets are in the works.

When it comes to smart lighting, choose the ELA Hub and see why it’s the best choice you can make!