Lightstyles Of The Rich and Famous

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There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect luxury getaway experience. Indeed, some of the most famous and exclusive resorts in the world have a lot to offer their guests. From world class amenities to stunning ambiance.

What shouldn’t surprise anyone is that a lot of planning goes into creating the perfect experience. That planning extends not only to the architecture and furnishings; but to the lighting design as well.

Properly lighted, luxury resorts and 5-star hotels set the proper mood for their guests. From warm and inviting to sophisticated elegance; the right lighting scheme can say a lot.

Warm And Traditional

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai is one of the most iconic and often photographed hotels in the world. The outside is built to resemble a billowing sale. Inside, you’ll see a variety of lighting schemes at play.

Warm, elegant lighting helps to accent the architecture and design of the luxurious pool area. Note the understated lighting which works to compliment (not but overshadow) the color and design.

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Bright Sophistication

Claridge’s in London makes use of open, bright schemes to elevate the surroundings and wash everything in an air of sophistication and elegance. Note, however, the supplemental lighting over the pictures and by the mirror over the fireplace. This helps to draw attention to these areas and accent them without taking away from the full effect of the space.

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Soft and Understated

The Banyan Tree Al Wadi in the United Arab Emirates make use of soft, yellow light here to focus attention while elevated white lighting provide brightness to the room. For larger spaces, most hotels use lighting fixtures situated above eye level to bathe the room in light. Smaller accented pieces help focus attention to specific areas of the room.

ELA Smart Lighting Lumenari


The Banyan Tree resort also uses a variety of coloured LED smart lighting schemes to achieve the right mood in their spa and pool areas. Seen here, a soft bath of blue/purple light washes over the spa to achieve a relaxed, subdued mood.


smart LED lighting solutions

Achieve it With ELA

Your ELA system can’t transport you to Dubai or London; however, it can help you achieve a similar hue to bring the relaxation and sophistication to you. Your Smart Chroma bulb is capable of 16 million different colour combinations. From reds to pinks; blues to greens; the Smart Chroma can deliver the perfect hue for your desire.

But that’s not all. Using the ELA app you can also match your Smart Chroma colour to a photograph to achieve the perfect hue. For example, if the spa lighting at Banyan Tree looks great to you, simply upload the picture to the ELA app and match the color.

Enter the design center from the home screen. Select the room you’d like to apply the colour too by pressing the coloured light bulb at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up a colour palette with your choices of colour.

To pull colour from a photograph, select the “photo” option at the bottom right. Your album will show photos you have available. You may also take a photo (camera icon) or upload an existing photo from your phone (phone icon).

Once uploaded, the colour pallet screen will show your photo. Using the magnifying glass, select the area of the photograph that matches the hue you’d like to use for your smart lighting scheme.

ELA Smart Lighting Lumenari

This process can be used for any photograph on your phone; or any you can take. Experiment with different colours, shades, hues, and patterns to see what 16 million colours truly looks like.

In addition, the ELA app allows you to set moods; pre-determined smart lighting schemes which allow you to pre-set your light’s colour and intensity and return to it with the push of a button. Experiment with bright, sophisticated schemes for dining and living areas, or relaxed, warmer settings for bedrooms and lounges.

You may not be able to travel to the farthest reaches of the globe. However, bringing the feel of luxury to your home is easier than ever with your ELA smart lighting system. Experiment with different colours and moods to bring the luxury home to you.