Where Can You Use Smart Lighting?

Posted by Jack Zhang on

smart LED lights


Smart homes are becoming more and more popular, as home owners are looking to minimize their costs, while maximizing the comfort provided by their homes through the evolution of technology. That is precisely what smart lighting is looking to achieve: a combination between saving money on electricity bills while allowing you, the home owner, to control the light, intensity, color and brightness of your light bulb via one simple phone app. Phillips used to be the major player of this niche, but other brands are now manufacturing products that make for some serious competition. If you’d like smart lighting to make its way into your daily routine, here are some ideas of where you can use it.

smart LED lights


Inside Your Home

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, went on a short trip to the bathroom, but forgot to turn the light off while you were heading back to bed? How often have you craved for a midnight snack, but by the time you reached the kitchen to turn the light on, you bumped your toes in about 3 different obstacles? With smart lighting, you won’t need to worry about facing the obstacle course before you can reach the light switch. And these aren’t the only benefits: you can literally adjust the brightness and intensity of your living room light without having to put that good book aside and get off the couch.


smart LED lights



There are about a million reasons why LED smart lighting is a great thing to have in your yard. You return home in the evening/at night, but you feel spooked that it’s pitch dark outside and you have to make it from the car all the way inside the house. You hear a noise and figure out it’s probably those nasty raccoons that are poking your trash cans again. Or you’re away on holiday and you want to make it look like there’s somebody at home in the evening. Smart lighting helps with all that. Not to mention that choosing lights in different colors can make for regular outdoor decorations. Just think about how cool your next barbecue will be.


smart LED lights


At the Office

When you spend most of your day caught up at the office, different light settings will prove useful in different situation. Working on the computer with a light turned on is better for the eyes (it’s always good to have an extra source of light besides the one coming from your screen). When you’re in a meeting, the light intensity in the conference room should be higher. When you’re sitting at your desk, working on paperwork, it should be somewhere in between the other two we just mentioned. Just think about how easy it is to control it all with just an app.


There is basically no limit to where you can have smart lighting. While your grandparents would probably find no use for an intelligent lighting system, you certainly can. That’s because the number of activities that we have to perform every single day require different light intensity. And maybe, just maybe, because we’re sometimes too lazy to get up and turn on the lights.