Do Certain Hues of Light Increase Productivity Among Workers?

Posted by: Jack Zhang on January 16 2019 in Design Advice

As workers spend more time in the office than ever, employers are turning their attention towards increasing productivity. A 2016 report by the US Bureau of Labor confirmed that workplace productivity is declining from previous levels. These declinations account for billions in lost revenue for businesses of all sizes, including...

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Party Lighting Ideas

Posted by: Jack Zhang on December 26 2018 in Design Advice

Party Lighting Ideas (and how you can achieve it with ELA) Who doesn’t like a party? Fun, food, friends, family, and other words that don’t necessarily begin with the letter “f.” Festive? Fantastic? How about  fabulous? Yes, there’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect party. However, when was...

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Make A Smart Choice For Your Next Lighting Solution

Posted by: Jack Zhang on December 19 2018 in Design Advice

Smart lighting is all the rage. And while this trend is growing, it hasn’t reached peak adoption just yet. As home automation and IoT technology continues to evolve, that will change. Newer homes are being built with smart lighting and other smart home solutions. However, for those a little wary...

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How Light Impacts Mood and Behavior

Posted by: Jack Zhang on November 21 2018 in Design Advice

As far back as ancient times, the Greek physician Hippocrates believed that the absence of light, especially during the winter months, brought illness. The notion that light has an impact on our health is therefore nothing new. While the absence of light doesn’t “cause disease” the way Hippocrates thought, it...

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The Future of Smart Lights

Posted by: Jack Zhang on January 02 2019 in Automation Advice

Smart LED lights are a popular topic in IoT and smart home discussions. The future is certainly bright for both these arenas (pun intended). With technology, the question always seems to turn towards the next best thing. For smart lights, what does that next step look like? The future of...

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ELA Settings Menu

Posted by: Jack Zhang on December 12 2018 in Automation Advice

The settings menu of your smart lighting ELA app is a quick go-to source for additional features and information you may not find elsewhere in the app. Most of the key features of your ELA lights will be accessible from the control center home screen. However, if you’re stuck looking...

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Cloud Control Feature

Posted by: Jack Zhang on November 28 2018 in Automation Advice

Cloud control to Major Tom! With ELA’s cloud control you can control your lights from anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to the internet. This is great if you’d like to control your lights remotely. On vacation? At the office? Or even across the street. Your lights controls can...

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Why Is ELA Smart Lights Perfect For Your Family

Posted by: Jack Zhang on November 14 2018 in Automation Advice

“Lights!” If you had to pick a word my father yelled most frequently while growing up, that would be it. Before leaving the house, before going on vacation, before going to bed. “Lights!” he would call out. This was dad’s way of telling everyone to turn off the @#$% lights....

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