Lighting Ideas for a Romantic Evening

Posted by: Jack Zhang on October 15 2018 in Design Advice

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or just an opportunity to spend some quality time together, the setting of a romantic dinner does 70% of the work. The other 30% is just good food. There is nothing that says “romance” better than a good setup, with dim lights that will...

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7 of the Coolest Smart Lighting Design Ideas

Posted by: Jack Zhang on October 10 2018 in Design Advice

Smart lighting design gives you options aside from automatic and timed controls. In fact, your design capabilities are practically endless and can be used in several spaces of the home. Take a look at some of the coolest smart lighting designs around that we found, and get inspired for ideas...

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Where Can You Use Smart Lighting?

Posted by: Jack Zhang on October 08 2018 in Design Advice

  Smart homes are becoming more and more popular, as home owners are looking to minimize their costs, while maximizing the comfort provided by their homes through the evolution of technology. That is precisely what smart lighting is looking to achieve: a combination between saving money on electricity bills while...

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ELA: What The Reviews Are Saying

Posted by: Jack Zhang on September 26 2018 in Design Advice

Let’s be honest for a moment. We can sit here all day and talk about how ELA offers a more affordable path to smart lighting and smart home technology than other options. We can point out all the cool features, the ease of access, and highlight many of the benefits...

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The Key to Flawless Makeup is All in the Lighting

Posted by: Jack Zhang on July 11 2018 in Design Advice

The application of makeup can be a strenuous process. As a model, learning the fundamentals of makeup have been imperative from the start; though only through trial and error did I manage to understand that flawless application heavily depends on the lighting we use! After many years of said trial...

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ELA Setup: It’s Just That Easy

Posted by: Jack Zhang on October 03 2018 in Automation Advice

“Smart lights? Sounds intimidating.” That’s the response you hear from a lot of people. The truth is that the technology can sound intimidating. Many people who would otherwise be interested in taking the plunge into smart tech are hesitant. It sounds too complicated. Too difficult. Too complex. After all, a century of...

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Why The ELA Hub Provides More To Consumers

Posted by: Jack Zhang on October 01 2018 in Automation Advice

The ELA Hub is more than just a smart lighting solution for your home. It’s a gateway to smart home technology and a path to a smarter, more efficient, and ultimately entertaining lighting lifestyle. When it comes to smart tech, you have a lot of options to choose from. Here...

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The Best Google Assistant Applets For the ELA Network

Posted by: Jack Zhang on August 17 2018 in Automation Advice

When transforming your traditional lighting solutions into smart lighting applications, there are a number of benefits to be had. With ELA, one of those benefits is the easy integration of your ELA system with several smart home voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home’s Google Assistant. Once integrated,...

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A Beginners Guide to IFTTT

Posted by: Jack Zhang on August 15 2018 in Automation Advice

  In the world of IoT, there’s a lot to absorb. So much in fact that it may seem intimidating at first. True, there’s a lot to learn but often it isn’t as complicated as it seems. One area which seems confusing to many at first is the world of...

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Light Timer

Posted by: Jack Zhang on August 10 2018 in Automation Advice

You know the drill.   It’s 7 AM. You’re startled out of a deep, peaceful slumber by the piercing sound of your alarm. You’re already annoyed (with your heart beating out of your chest) and now it’s time to get up, turn on the lights (which are somehow brighter than...

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