If This Then That

IFTTT is a powerful service that can connect your ELA lights with the apps and devices you use every day. Connect your ELA smart lights with apps such as Facebook, Nest, Fitbit & many more.

By using these IFTTT and it’s Applets, you are able to use the IFTTT service to tie certain programs together and create conditions which dictate further actions. Say you’d like to receive a no-fica-on whenever one of your contacts has a birthday, there’s an Applet for that! Want to receive a notification whenever the International Space Station flies over your house? There’s an app for that too. No pun intended, but the sky is the limit and there are 1,000’s of Applets to choose from and creating your own is easy as well.


Practicality at its finest! Leave home only to remember the lights are on? This applet has you covered. All you have to do is enjoy the energy savings.

Where practicality meets style. Simply connect google maps to the ELA lights and enjoy the look of arriving
to a warmly lit home, after a long day of work.

Say “change color” to Google Assistant and it will change your lights to a random color.

Feeling wizard? Turn on your lights by saying to Google Assistant “Lumos Maxima”.

Heavy sleeper? Turn your lights on in the morning, wake up naturally and feel refreshed with ELA Smart Lighting.

Never make your UBER wait for you. Every time your UBER is arriving at your location your lights will blink.

Why Should You Use IFTTT?

Many smart devices have built-in notifications or allow for a certain level of customization. Why then, is IFTTT helpful? IFTTT bridges the gaps where proprietary services may fail as well as links separate services to one another.

Read this article to know more about IFTTT and how you can use it to automate your life better.